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‘The time that Nicola and Lisa invested in exploring the brief and understanding our requirements, paid dividends. Their final design incorporated all the elements that we discussed, but in ways that we hadn't expected, and we were delighted with the end result’
Mr and Mrs S, Kent

Want to have a lovely garden next summer?

Rudbeckia and bench for autumn blog

Although spring is when most people start to think about their gardens, now is a far better time to start planning your dream garden. In April the weather warms up and clients excitedly realise they want more from their gardens for the coming season - hence spring is our busiest time for quotations. However, if you want to be inspired by your garden next summer, now is the time to start the design process.

Clients calling us in the autumn will usually have drawings prepared by Christmas, depending on the size of the project. This means that we can move on to finding a good contractor to carry out the work, ready for planting in spring.

Spring is a good time to plant as average rainfall usually means that less watering is required. This allows plants to establish, so that by summer your garden will already be starting to fill out and look colourful.

On larger projects, some clients ask us to prepare drawings and documents well in advance, so that accurate costings can be established. This also enables them to have the work carried out in stages, working on different areas of the garden at each stage. Once completed the different areas will link together coherently as they’ve been planned as a whole from the start.

We even have a few clients who frame their master plans and hang them on the wall so that they can anticipate what the garden will look like when it’s finished. One client had a great idea and did this as a surprise birthday present for his wife together with a booklet we put together of 3D drawings, photos of water features, planting suggestions and furniture ideas.

Don’t forget that we don’t charge to meet you in your garden, chat through some of the options, show you our previous work, and provide you with an estimate for the design work*.

We’d love to hear from you today. Call us on 07976 471081 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Images: Harmony Green

*Travel costs are sometimes applicable for visits outside Surrey.