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Gardening Gifts for Real Gardeners

There is still time to pick up or order those last minute Christmas gifts, so I have picked out 4 really useful ideas for people who genuinely love, and spend time in their gardens. They are all tried and tested, and I think they are all indispensable.


Felco's one-handed pruning shears (secateurs to you and me), are indispensable to any gardener, and I always like to have two pairs in case one goes temporarily walkabout. They are available in several ranges, however, my favourite is the Felco 6, a compact version suitable for ladies’ hands, and most general garden pruning tasks up to 2cm diameter.

The Felco 2 is similar for larger hands and will cut up to 2.5cm branches.

Many of the models have a straight cutting head and so are suitable for left as well as right-handed users, however, the Felco 9, 10,16 & 17 are designed with small or large left-handers in mind.

The Felco 160S (small) & 160L (large) are in the ‘essentiel’ range, offering a lower price, but are not suitable for quite such a broad range of uses.

If well looked after, I have found my Felco secateurs to be excellent. They are available from most good garden centres, but can also be found online. Checkout the website for more product details


The Trekmates DRY Explorer (Mid Brim) hat is my favourite hat for gardening and walking in wet weather. It really keeps the rain off my face and glasses and is ideal when I’m standing in the rain at site meetings. It’s available in khaki or navy, and size S/M  or L/XL. It’s waterproof and breathable, UV blocking, has a draw-cord for windy weather and is even hand-washable.

This great hat is available from many outdoor / camping stores and online


Atlas 370 Gardening Gloves are so great, you really must try them. I always used to end out with permanently dirty fingers and nails as I found other gloves meant you couldn’t feel what you were doing, but these fit snugly and are really touch-sensitive so they don’t feel bulky at all. They have a thin, durable, nitrile coating on the palm and fingers to keep the worst of the muck and wet out.

They are available in 6 bright colours and sizes XS / S / M / L / XL (XL is only available in Black). They are machine washable, although I just wash my hands with them on under the garden tap when I’m done and leave them to dry – they seem to stay clean inside. They are perfect for planting and weeding, but don’t try to use them for really thorny plants though.

They now do a thermal pair, and the 370 nitrile gloves are also great for other uses such as DIY. Atlas gloves are available from some household, DIY or garden retailers, but I get mine online


My final recommendation is the RSPB Window Bird Feeder. I have mine on the window just by my drawing board and I can see the birds snacking out of the corner of my eye whilst I am working. It is a good way to see wild birds up close – it attaches with three suction cups and the tray can be detached and topped up with mealworms, seeds or other foods (suitable for year-round feeding).

The RSPB Window Bird Feeder is available from selected garden centres, but I got mine online


I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas gift ideas for real gardeners – I genuinely feel that any keen gardener, male or female, would be delighted to receive one of these gifts. I have purposely not put prices on as they vary greatly, change over time, and are easily to look up online.

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Images: Felco, Trekmates, Atlasgloveshop, RSPB