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‘The time that Nicola and Lisa invested in exploring the brief and understanding our requirements, paid dividends. Their final design incorporated all the elements that we discussed, but in ways that we hadn't expected, and we were delighted with the end result’
Mr and Mrs S, Kent


For those who have been following my blogs on my own back garden, I have finally managed to make some progress (clients’ gardens have had to take priority of course!). So the here is my finished design (I would normally colour it if presenting to clients) - I feel it fits our brief rather well.

I have kept as much of the existing trees and boundary hedging as possible, and we have trimmed the dead maple into a sculpture (sadly it didn’t survive last year’s winter wetness). The trees will need to be tidied up, and the boundary hedging (mostly laurel) will need to be trimmed. This will all have to be done by a tree surgeon at the start. A large holly bush will also have to go to allow for a good ball-throwing trajectory for our dog!

We wanted to keep the cost as low as possible so I have kept the existing terrace but made it more interesting by adding an adjacent gravel area, some of which will provide a path the lawn, and some will be planted up.  I have also added a gravel circle in the sunny corner near the house, to catch the sun all day – gravel has been chosen as it is one of the least expensive surfacing materials. An additional seating area further along will offer a place to have a glass of wine in the evening. This and the other paths at the back will be made of bark chip – another inexpensive surface.

The lawn shape affords a semi-formal, geometric structure to the area nearest the house, becoming less formal towards the back, where the planting is wilder.  It also works with the slope and allows us to keep the existing flower beds that we like, with some new planting areas to include exotic and prairie planting, and a winter garden. I have also added two new trees on the right hand side for structure – probably Rohans. We are going to edge the lawn with steel edging – cheaper than other edgings and easy to mow over.

We have already made some progress with the bamboo, by regularly cutting it to the ground to weaken it and gradually digging it out; and we have renovated the old apple trees and forsythias to see if we can salvage them. Also the old wendy house has found a new home, as have many of the bamboo canes!

My next blog in the series will give consideration to the various stages of the works, and what we can reasonably do ourselves, versus what we will need to pay a contractor to do.

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Images: Harmony Green