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‘The time that Nicola and Lisa invested in exploring the brief and understanding our requirements, paid dividends. Their final design incorporated all the elements that we discussed, but in ways that we hadn't expected, and we were delighted with the end result’
Mr and Mrs S, Kent

Exotic ideas – Plan an exotic planting scheme for your garden

Exotic style planting is becoming increasingly popular with our clients in the Surrey area. It particularly lends itself to the modern, new builds here in Cobham as it sits well with the neat, clean lines; and also to London town gardens, which are often rectilinear, compact and sheltered.

Exotic or sub-tropical schemes are based on a framework of hardy, structural plants like Trachycarpus (Chusan Palm), alongside evergreen, or brightly flowered perennials such as Day Lilies (above). Gaps can be filled with seasonal tender exotics such as Cannas, but the hardy varieties do most, if not all, of the work. Many of the structural plants are ideal for screening unwanted walls and views.

Hot colours look at home in this scheme, as does architectural, jungle foliage with spiky or glossy leaves. The overall design has a revitalising, holiday feel, transporting you to far-flung, tropical climes. We often use this style of planting to create a tucked away oasis in a larger garden, alongside swimming pools, or to set off an ornamental pond. Lush, dramatic foliage and vibrant flowers are the order of the day for this scheme. Colourful spring bulbs extend the season so that this style of planting is interesting year-round.

For those that are looking to rejuvenate a border themselves, but need help with suitable plants to include and how to combine them, our ‘Off the peg’ exotic planting scheme is perfect. The scheme is based on a reasonably sunny, moist, 2mx8m border and shows a plan of all the plants and how to lay them out for best effect, with additional suggestions for larger spaces. Information about each plant is also supplied so that you know how to place and look after them, and we feel the whole package is good value at £100.

Just add cocktails!

Other ‘Off the peg’ schemes are available for different conditions, and my next blog will be on our much requested scheme for dry shady places under trees.

For more information about these or bespoke schemes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Featured plants: Geranium Patricia; Fatsia japonica; Trachycarpus fortunei; Hemerocallis ‘Golden Chimes’

Images: Harmony Green